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Conditions of internet sale



Sales concluded by electronic commerce are governed by relevant acts with amendments: 22/2004 (rev.160/2005 Z.z.) - electronic commerce act, 250/2007 (rev.437/2013 Z.z.) - consumer protection act, 108/2000 (rev. 367/2013 Z.z.) - protection in doorstep selling and distance selling and 40/1964 (nov.546/2010 Z.z.) - Civil Code.

Electronic commerce conditions of e-shop SKLOPORCELA :

In terms of e-shop SKLOPORCELA the minimal purchase price must exceed the minimum value which is 10 €. If this condition is not met, customer will not be able to fill in the order form and his order will be rejected. If condition is met customer will be asked to fill data in order form needed for the delivery of chosen merchandise. After sending the order, automated informational email with the subject 'Confirmation of the order' will be sent back to the customer, confirming that order was sent and will be processed. Upon verification of availability of merchandise in warehouse and correctness of prices, supplier will confirm order by sending an e-mail message to customer with the subject 'Order Confirmation'. If the merchandise are out of stock, customer will be informed via e-mail by supplier about the date of its delivery. The contract between the supplier and the customer is carried out as invoice. After invoicing, the merchandise will be sent to the customer by delivery.

Terms of cash on delivery service:

Supplier undertakes to ship ordered merchandise within 7 working days from the day of sent order confirmation email to the customer when the merchandise is in stock. Merchandise are delivered to customer address via external delivery companies. Orders which total price is to value 130 € are sent through classic package mail shipments. Orders of higher value are sent only through courier service or by insured mail service. Upon customer request merchandise can be sent via express first class shipment. Please note that express carriers are giving 24 hours time for delivering merchandise counting from the time of courier pickup.

Because merchandise are sent to customer via external delivery companies supplier is therefore not responsible for late delivery of merchandise caused by courier. Supplier is also not responsible if the delivery is prolonged due to wrongly entered delivery address (action done by customer in order form). Customer is required to pay delivery costs upon acceptance of courier shipment.

Upon delivery of merchandise customer undertakes to check the condition of delivered content. In case of incomplete or damaged merchandise customer and courier must immediately write down a record. In this case also supplier must be informed immediately by customer. When omitting this check procedure customer takes full responsibility over delivered merchandise and any later findings shall be disregarded by supplier. If the customer unreasonably refuses to take over delivered merchandise he is obliged to deliver the merchandise back to supplier and reimburse whole expenses incurred while trying to deliver this merchandise.

Conditions for canceling an order, returning of merchandise:

Within five hours from submitting the order form customer is able to cancel the order by email or by phone. If the order is canceled later but before the merchandise arrival to customer, the supplier reserves the right to deduct the costs associated with the handling of the order. Cancellation of order after receiving the merchandise shall be evaluated as return. When intending to return purchased merchandise the customer must in advance inform the supplier via e - mail or by phone.

According to § 12 of act 108/2000 within 7 days, upon customer expenses customer can return the marchendise without stating a reason. After this period returns are not accepted by supplier. When returning merchandise must be unused, undamaged, complete and delivered in the original package, as has been retrieved from the vendor. Merchandise must be sent back via insured delivery mail. Other kinds of deliveries will not be accepted by supplier. Upon checking the condition and completeness of merchandise, money will be returned back to customer by money wire transfer.

Supplier has the right to cancel an order when ordered merchandise is unavailable in warehouse or has been removed from the market.

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